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Awesome Features

Radius AAA

Support Radius Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA)

Multiple NAS

Support Multiple NAS AT The Same Time (Radius & API)

Real-Time Bandwidth Graph

Real-Time User Bandwidth Usage Beautiful Graph

Live Online Users Monitoring

Monitor & Manage Live Online Users. Support User Data Usage & Up-time.

Auto User Disconnection

User Auto Disconnect From Network Based On Expiration Date & Payment.

Manual User Disconnection

Manually Disconnect User From Network.

Support Custom Attributes

Support Custom Radius Attributes. Both Group & User Check/Reply

Dynamic Bandwidth

Dynamic Bandwidth Based On Time. 12 Different Variations.

Data Volume Quota

Data Volume Quota Based On Package & User.

Unlimited Packages

Create Unlimited Packages For Users/Franchise/Dealer/Sub-Dealer. Set Base Price, Profit & Duration.

Support Pool & Expired Pool

Support Pool & Expired Pool Based On Package & Individually. Very Helpful To Redirect User After Expired.

Support IP Lock & Mac Binding

Lock User Connection Based On Device Mac & IP Address.

Re-Seller Management

Support Re-Seller/Franchise Network Under Admin Panel. Unlimited Franchises, Dealers, Sub-Dealers With Respective Panel & Users.

Powerful Accounting

Various Types Of Accounting Reports Including Two Different Sales Style, Payment, Ledger, Cash-flow, Invoice & More.

HRM & Attendance

Keep Track Of Staff Attendance & Manage Staff Permission Based On Staff Role.

SMS & Notification

Automatically Send Various Types Of SMS Notification To Users Phone.

Ticket System

Manage Tickets/Support More Smartly Now Than Ever Before With Our Ticket System.


Support Various Logs. Very Helpful To Monitor Activities By Admin/Re-Seller/User. Ex: Activity Log, Connection Log, Login Log etc.

Network Monitoring

Monitor Your Network Easily In One Click. Check Whether A NAS Is Online Or Offline.

User Tracking Log

Keep Every Step Of Your Users Roaming In Online. Full Details Of User's Visiting Site/App. Support Both TCP & UDP.

Token For Hotspot/PPPoE

Give Easy Internet Access To Your Users By Token. Very Helpful For WiFi Users. Users do not need to register.

FUP Data Quota

Support FUP Data Volume With Bandwidth Limit. Bandwidth Limit Will Drop If User Cross Data Volume Limit.

Support Session Limit

Disconnect User After Limited Session Ex: 120 Minutes. Also, Support Session Limit With Period Of Days.

Bandwidth Allocation By Time

Support Bandwidth Allocation By Time & Day. Set When Bandwidth Should Increase/Decrease.

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Don't Listen To Us, Listen To Our Number. We Are Honored To Serve All Our Clients & End Users Worldwide Who Are Served Internet By Our Clients.


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Why Choose Us?

Why You Choose Us Over Another CRM?

Don’t Use Any Old ISP CRM Anymore. Use Our Modern ISP CRM At  Affordable Price,  Good looking Design & Latest Technology.

Clean, Easy & Simple UI/UX

Very Easy To Use. Clean Design & Simple UI/UX .

Responsive & Very Fast

Support All Devices & Very Fast In Any Device.

Affordable Price

We Are Affordable Than Other Company In ISP CRM Business. We Do Not Over Charge & Our Billing Policy Is Simple.

Fast Real Human Support

You Will Love Our Support. Open A Ticket For General Support & Knock Us Anytime Over Social Media For Urgent Support. Our Support Team Will Be Glad To Assist You.

Secure & Limitless Possibilities

Secure User Connection & Strong Protection Against Various Threads Like DDOS, SQL Injection, Network Hacking Etc. Limitless Possibilities With Custom Attributes & Online Community.

Keep Your Data Safe

We Do Not Host Your Data On Our Server Neither WE Keep Any Of Your Business Data To Us. Your Data Is 100% Secure. Host Our CRM On Your Server & Become The Boss Of Your Own Business.

Step By Step Process

Own A Copy Of Zal Pro From Our Multiple Packages. Choose Which Is Suitable For You. Pay By Paypal/Card.

After Successful Payment, We Will Generate A License For You & Install Zal Pro On Your Server. 

Import Your Data Easily By Our Importer. Fill CSV File With Your Data. Create New Packages, Bandwidth Policy & Add NAS.

Get Fast Real Human Support From Our Agents & Officials Within Hours. Get Regular Updates.

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