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Radius Server (AAA)

Fully seamless integration with a RADIUS server, supporting over 50+ NAS vendors including Mikrotik, vbng, pfSense, Cisco, Juniper, and more - with full IPv6 support.

Accounting & Billing

Our billing system is fully automated, allowing you to easily generate invoices, process payments, and more.

Reseller Management

Our reseller management solution offers a 3-tier role system consisting of franchise, dealer, and sub-dealer, making it simple to assign and manage roles for your resellers.

Subscriber Management

Offers a captive portal for easy login and authentication, online payments for convenient billing and payment processing, and a live bandwidth graph for real-time monitoring of network usage.

Online Payments & SMS

Convenient online payment system, making it simple and hassle-free to process transactions. Plus, our automated SMS notification feature allows you to keep everyone informed, with over 15+ different types of notifications, including payment reminders.

If you’re running an ISP business and looking for a reliable and comprehensive solution to manage your operations, look no further than Zal Pro. Our web-based software is built on a robust RADIUS engine with AAA, providing you with unparalleled security and performance.

With features such as accounting, billing, reseller management, and network bandwidth monitoring, you’ll have all the tools you need to manage your business with ease. Our software is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that you can focus on what really matters – growing your business.

So why wait? Join the growing number of satisfied customers who have chosen Zal Pro to take their ISP business to the next level.

ABC Syslog/Tracking Log Server

Superfast & Lightweight

One of the most important features of the ABC Syslog Server is its superfast speed and lightweight.

Searching & Sorting

Our search functionality is robust, allowing you to find anything you want with just a few clicks. With the ability to search and sort data, you can streamline your operations and reduce the time.

Advanced Modules

These modules are packed with useful features such as NAS down notification via email or SMS. You will be able to keep an eye on your log server 24/7, and receive real-time notifications in case of any issues.

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable syslog/tracking log server with tons of features, ABC Syslog Server is a perfect solution for you. It is specially designed for ISPs/WISPs and is suitable for everyone who needs to manage log servers/tracking log servers. With its simple UI design, user-role management module, and multiple log view styles, ABC Syslog Server is very easy to use and navigate.

The server has the capability to filter any data from huge data lists in seconds. Its filtering speed is very impressive, and it can filter up to 10GB of data in just three seconds on a machine with 1GB RAM and 2 Core CPU. The search can be made using any text, Mac address, IP address, incoming IP/port, outgoing IP/port, making it a versatile system.

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