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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Server Requirements?
500Ubuntu 18.04 ServerMin 2 GBMin 120 GBi3/i5/Xeon
2000Ubuntu 18.04 ServerMin 4GBMin 256 GBi3/i5/Xeon
5000Ubuntu 18.04 ServerMin 8 GBMin 500 GBi5/i7/Xeon
10000Ubuntu 18.04 ServerMin 16 GBMin 1 TBi5/i7/Xeon

Note: Make sure you have a good server with appropriate configuration & 24/7 up-time. Make sure onezeroart.com is pingable from your server. To store user tracking log for long time, you need a bigger SSD/HDD.

How To Install Zal Pro On Our Server?

We do not provide any files or ISO installer. Our support team will install Zal Pro on your server.  So just relax and let us do the installation for you. Installing Zal Pro is complex and needs professional expertise.

How To Install Update?

Installing updates in Zal Pro is very easy, you can update your copy by our update script from your server terminal (Check Documentation). You must keep a backup before every update (Check Documentation).

When New Update Will Be Released?

We release updates frequently, we tried to release updates every month. Sometimes we release updates every week. So keep eye on your dashboard notice page for updated notice. You can also check updates from the documentation change-log page  (Check Documentation).

Can We Use Mini PC/Laptop/Desktop?

Yes, you can use a mini pc/laptop/desktop. Zal Pro is lightweight, all you need to install Ubuntu 18.04 server 64 bit on your machine to turn it into a Linux server. For best performance, we will not recommend using any of these. Best if you have a cloud server or any reputed band’s server.

Do You Provide Networking Support?

We do not support any networking issues. We only support Zal Pro issues. Please, contact your networking consultant for the networking issues.

Is Zal Pro One Time Pay? Do I Need To Renew Every Year?

First payment is one time, but you need to pay a tiny renew fee every year and its mandatory. If you do not pay renew/support fee you can’t login into Zal Pro anymore, it will auto disable. Also, you will not receive any support/updates from our agents or from us. Check our pricing page to pay your renew/support fee. Renew/Support fee is way more less than license fee. Hey, this tiny renew fee helps us to continue Zal Pro project so that you can enjoy a nice, easy and simple ISP CRM for your business.

Note : You need to pay support/renew fee after (1 month for Basic plan), (2 months for Starter), (3 months for Standard), (6 months for Professional), (12 months for Business) for next 12 months.

Check your support page (Top Right Corner Menu) for expiry date. and other license information.

Can I Upgrade My Plan Later?

Yes, you can upgrade your current plan later. Just pay for the upgrade and we will give you the upgrade version. You don’t need to pay the full amount for the upgrade, just pay the rest of the amount of that package.

Do I need Internet Connection On My Server?

Yes, internet connection on the server is mandatory.

Does Zal Pro Store Any Data Of My Business?

No, we don’t store any data of your business. All data will be safe in your own server.

Is Expired User Will Auto Disconnect?

Yes, if the user expires then he/she could not connect to the network anymore. Also, he/she will be terminated immediately if online.

Do You Integrate Features On Request?

Yes, if the features are good for all clients then we will try to add those features. Personal benefit is not acceptable.

Do You Provide Customization?

Yes, we provide customization but it depends on tasks. You have to inform us what kind of customization do you need.

What Is The Charge Of Customization?

It depends on tasks, we will calculate our time and afford need on your tasks then propose you a good offer.  Our minimum customization charge is $100. Sometimes we provide free customization if it’s beneficial to all of our clients.

Do You Provide DB Access?

No, we do not provide DB access. You can download DB backup from Zal Pro but you can’t access live DB.

Can I Modify Files?

No, we do not provide file access. You can not edit, delete or add any files to the system.

Can I Add My Company Logo/Branding?

Yes, you can upload your company logo, favicon, title, etc. Though it’s not a completely white label. Some branding will still appear inside the admin panel and the client can’t see any of our brandings.

Do You Refund?

No, we do not refund after installation into your server. If you need, check our demo/live server a few more times. Check if it fits for your business but after installation, you will not get a refund. 

What If I Want To Cancel The Service?

Yes, you can cancel the service anytime. If you do then your service will be terminated.

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