Welcome to One Zero Art’s Terms & Conditions

  1. Hi there, we’re One Zero Art from Dhaka, Bangladesh and welcome to our terms & conditions. If you’re one of our clients or visitor to our websites including demo servers and other services then these terms & conditions will apply to you.
  2. When we say ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘One Zero Art’ it’s because that’s who we are and we own and run the Sites.
  3. If we say ‘terms’ or ‘conditions’ we’re talking about these terms & conditions. 

Information you need to provide us willingly 

  1. You need to provide us information about your server/hosting/domain etc for maintaining/updating/supporting our CRMs/Applications/Services.
  2. Information like: server/hosting IP address, server/hosting root access. 
  3. You can’t change this information once it provided to us. If you do or need to do then you have to inform us to update your information. 
  4. If you don’t share/modify/change/restrict access to your server/hosting then you will not get any update of CRMs neither any supports.

You can’t modify/edit/delete anything on the server

  1. You can’t modify/edit/delete or any kinds of change of any files/folders or server configuration. (Especially if you are a customer of Zal Pro ISP CRM)
  2. If you do then all responsibility to keep running the server/CRM is yours. You may need to pay extra to maintain the server/CRM again.
  3. You can’t change server IP/DNS/MAC or any hardware without letting us know.
  4. If your license disabled or CRM not working properly because of any kinds of change then all responsibility is yours. 

Piracy/Stealing Intellectual Property

  1. You agree to this statement that you will not pirate our CRM/Applications/Server configuration or steal our any kinds of intellectual property.
  2. If you do then One Zero Art full right to take any actions against you to like: disabling your license or taking any legal actions. 


  1. You are agreed that you will be patience to get installation/update/support. 
  2. One Zero Art promising you that our support staff will reach as soon as possible usually within one hour. At any case of delay, One Zero Art will notify you as soon as possible. 
  3. You should open a new ticket every time you need re-installation/Updates/Support.
  4. You must clear the payment before the installation/updates/support if necessary/required.

Data Protection & Backup

  1. One Zero Art does not store any data of your business neither it’s back up your database or a customized version of CRM/Application.
  2. You must keep backup regularly of your database and application. 
  3. In any case of loss of your data, One Zero Art will not responsible for that. 
  4. You must back up your database before updates or server related support.

Demo Server Testing & Data Erasing

  1. If you use any of our demo servers or any live testing servers, you must erase your personal information or business-related data such as router IP, root access or any sensitive information.
  2. One Zero Art will not responsible for this type of mistake.
  3. We will not be responsible if you miss-config or change any settings of your network or business during demo server testing. 

Network/Server/Router Especial Consultancy 

  1. We do not provide network/server/router related advanced consultancy or support. 
  2. You may need to ask your network consultant if you face any issue.
  3. One Zero Art Team only support/setup/maintain for their own CRM/Application/Service.
  4. You may need to pay extra if you ask for especial consultancy.
  5. One Zero Art will not be responsible for any miss-config, faulty hardware or faulty third party software.  


  1. You must clear all of your bills before using our CRM/applications/services.
  2. You must use One Zero Art’s pre-defined payment methods to clear your bills.
  3. Make sure you paid correctly and successfully, in any case of canceled/pending/on hold payment will not count as successful payment. 
  4. All responsibility to make a successful payment is yours. We will not be responsible if you somehow lost your money during the payment process. 

Return/Dispute Policy 

  1. Usually, One Zero Art does not return or accept a dispute after selling/installing digital goods, as digital goods could be copied multiple times or installed in several server/hosting. 
  2. If necessary or proven that you are not using our CRM/Application which is the part of the dispute then we will consider that. 
  3. Before you buy our digital goods you must be sure about our product quality and features you need. That’s why we provide multiple demo and live servers before purchase any of our products/service. 
  4. If dispute accepted then you must delete all copies of our application/CRM from your server/hosting. If necessary One Zero Art has full right to take any legal action against you. 

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