Zal is an ISP management system which helps you to manage your ISP business completely. Zal is developed for ISP and Cable business owners. Not only ISP/Cable business but useful in many other related businesses. We developed Zal on a way so that entrepreneurs, startups and ISP/Cable business owners can run their business smoothly and right way than before. Now manage your business on the go from anywhere by any device. Forget about puzzling manual token system to keep clients payment records, Zal gives you a smooth digital opportunity to deal with those manual tasks. All of your’s needs is now packed in Zal including Auto Generating Invoices and Bills, Online Payments, Income/Expense etc. More and more are coming every month, so this is the best application to manage your whole business.

Zal is very clean, simple and easy to use. Zal UI/UX design is so friendly that anyone could use it. Zal is responsive and bug-free. We will update Zal regularly and will bring new features every month.


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