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1Full NamePlease enter your full name.
2UsernameChoose a unique username.
3IdentitySpecify the type of identity document, such as a passport, driving license, or ID card.
4PhonePlease provide your unique primary contact phone number.
5EmailProvide a unique email address for communication and also account login or recovery.
6CountrySelect your current country from this dropdown list.
7ProvinceChoose a province.
8CityPlease select your current city.
9AddressEnter your residential address.
10Zip CodeProvide a valid postal or zip code of your area.
11Date Of BirthInsert your date of birth.
12AboutOptionally, a brief description about yourself.

1StatusYour account status (On/Off).
2SMS StatusActivate or deactivate SMS alerts.
3Email StatusEnable or disable email notifications.
4Profile TypeChoose your user profile type.
5DepartmentSelect your department.
6Billing TypeSelect your preferred billing plan.
7Balance LimitSet your account balance limit.
8NAS GroupSelect your Network Access Server (NAS) group.
9Area GroupChoose your geographical area group.

1TypeChoose the invoice type.
2ItemDescribe the item or service.
3ValueEnter the monetary value.
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