Import Mass Users


Import Mass Users

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User -> Import Users

First, download this sample csv file as example of data input, download here. Please read below table carefully to insert data into csv file properly. If you want to activate users automatically with an expire date then you need to set expire date and package properly. You must set expire date format like this : 01 Jan 2020 23:59 or 01-01-2020 23:59

Note : Lat & Long use this format : 23.810331 & 90.412521

1ResellerSelect a reseller to whom you want to add imported users as their salesperson. Leave blank if you want to add imported users to admin/logged in account.
2Select TypeSelect Zal Pro dropdown.
3Upload FileUpload Zal Pro CSV file which you filled with your users data. Keep 1000 users in each CSV file for convenience. Make sure you did not changed any column name in Zal Pro CSV file.

Sample User Import

1nameYesName of the user.
2usernameYesUsername of the user. This value must have to be unique, if username exist then user will not import as new.
3passwordYesPassword for connection & portal access. User will use this password for PPPoE/Hotspot/Portal.
4connection typeYesUser connection type id : 1 (Radius PPPoE), 2 (Radius Hotspot), 3 (API PPPoE), 4 (API Hotspot), 5 (API Static).
5nasidYesNAS ID from Zal Pro network module.
6packageYesPackage ID from Zal Pro package module. You must set package id to auto activate user.
7static ipNoIf you want to set static ip for user then set it here.
8mac addressNoIf you want to set mac address for user then set it here. User only able to login from this mac.
9expirationYesYou must set expiration date if you want to auto activate user during import. Expiration date should be this format : 01 Jan 2020 23:59. Hint: If you use Excel then check field option to set the date format.
10nicYesUser national ID card information.
11mobileYesUser mobile number. This is the number where system will send SMS notification. You must insert mobile number with country code, otherwise it will failed to receive SMS.
12phoneYesUser phone number.
13emailYesUser email address.
14addressNoUser address. Try to insert short address in few words, long address will cut in half.
15cityNoInsert city id not city name. Check area module for city id.
16areaNoInsert area id not area name. Check area module for area id.
17subareaNoInsert subarea id not subarea name. Check area module for subarea id.
18latNoInsert user latitude coordinates. This info important for Map in dashboard. Use this format Ex: 23.810331
19longNoInsert user longitude coordinates. This info important for Map in dashboard. Use this format Ex: 90.412521
20box numberNoBox number, on which box user’s cable connected.
21box addressNoBox address, on which box user’s cable connected and where is the box or tower located.
22uplink portNoSwitch or Hub uplink port number.
23fiber codeNoCode number of fiber/main cable, on which user connected.
24fiber colorNoFiber/Main cable color, on which user connected.
25switchboardNoNumber/Name of switch board, on which user connected.
26backup connectionNoBackup connection name or number if has any where user will be connected if necessary.
27electricity socketNoHow user router/switch/hub powered.
28cable typeNoUser cable type.
29 connection statusNoUser connection status ex: 1 enable and 2 disable. User can’t connect if connection is disable/2.
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