Get Instant Support


Get Instant Support

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You will love our supports, we only provide supports on Skype, so that we can be close to our clients listen their issues. We are not like boring e-mail supports either. We only support on Skype so, you must connect us over Skype for official supports. We will not support you on any other media. If you don’t have a Skype account, please create one. Search: One Zero Art / princejohn744 to join a quick support group of Zal Pro team.

Open Tickets

If your have any suggestion, requirement or bug report, please open a ticket here. We check every ticket one by one and fix its a bug or implement if its a feature request and if it benefit all Zal Pro clients. Please keep in mind we don’t implement personal beneficial featrues. You need to talk to us if you need any special customization with extra fee.

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