Backup/Open Radius Server


Backup/Open Radius Server

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Zal Pro has multiple open radius servers/emergency radius backup servers. If anyhow your Zal Pro radius server crash or non-operational then you can use our open radius servers to connect users or to get users online without any validation or filtration. All of your users will be online immediately without any username/password validation. Now, this is open radius servers, open means, open for all clients and all users. If any user hits to connect he/she will be connected to the internet even users without any username/password.

These open radius servers only for emergencies, do not use them for regular production environments.

How to connect to this open radius server?

Imagine this is your 2nd radius server, as you usually connect your Mikrotik/Nas to your Zal Pro radius server, you need to connect this open radius server like that. Just add in your Mikrotik/Nas radius section. Check at below for open radius server configuration details.

Zal Pro Open Radius/Radius Backup Server Details

  • Open Radius IP :
  • Open Radius Secret : zalpro

Note: Open radius server only accept user request to connect to internet, it does not reply anything to Mikrotik/Nas at all. No pool, no speed limit. So you must need to set Remote Address in Mikrotik/Nas PPPoE Profile Section otherwise users will not connect to open radius server.

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