Set New Package


Set New Package

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Reseller -> Set New Package

1PackageSelect a package from dropdown list, if you can’t see any packages that mean you already added all packages or your parent resellers did not allow you for some packages.
2PriceInsert package price for reseller, you can add extra price here at once. Example: package price is 100 of franchise but franchise can set here 150 or more, those extra price will be counted as profit of franchise. When dealer will renew a user, user will pay total 150 + dealer profit.
3ProfitThis is the profit of sub-reseller not parent reseller. If you are franchise then its dealer profit, if you are dealer then its sub-dealer profit. If you leave it or set it 0 then your sub-reseller will not get any profit on sales. Check in settings to allow/disallow resellers to add their own profit and packages.

How Resellers Works?

  • Admin will create new franchise.
  • Admin will add packages to franchsie & set franchise package price with profit.
  • Franchise will buy balance from admin in cash/bank etc.
  • Franchise will create his users and get paid for user balance/payment.
  • Franchise will activate/renew his users, system will substract franchise balance for package price but add profit in balance.
  • Fanchise will recharge his balance if its empty or low.

Same process applied to dealer and sub-dealer.

How To Set Profit For Resellers?

Admin will set package, price & profit for Franchsie. Franchsie will do the same for Dealer & Dealer will repeat same for Sub-Dealer. Franchsie can only set his own packages to Dealer, same to Dealer to Sub-Dealer. A reseller can set a package only one time in his profile.

Zal Pro support custom package price & profit, its means Admin/Franchise/Dealer can set package price and profit differently to per sub-reseller. Example: Franchise can set different price and profit per Dealers individually.

Franchise package price should be bigger than Admin, same goes to Franchise to Dealer and Dealer to Sub-Dealer. Also reseller package profit should be in a range. Setting too much profit is not ideal. So do not set profit more than package price. Setting package profit is very important, every reseller must have profit in package, otherwise he will not get any profit when activate/renew user.

Note: Visit reseller’s profile page to set package, price & profit. Admin should not give permission to reseller to set their own package and profit (Check Settings).

How Reseller Profit Distributed?

1. User Payment: If reseller got cash from user then he will entry payment to user account. On entry user payment into user account, reseller balance will be substract same amount as reseller got cash in hand.

Example: Lets say, reseller balance is 10000, user paid cash 1000 for 5MB package. Reseller will entry 1000 payment into user account. So now user current balance is 1000 but reseller balance is 9000 as reseller have cash 1000 in hand, in total reseller has same 10000 but in two place.

2. Activate/Renew User: Activate/Renew user if user balance positive or negative.

Positive Example: Say, user has 1000 in balance. Now if reseller activate/renew user, user balance will be 0 as 5MB package price was 1000. On the other hand reseller will get his profit as user balance was positive. Lets say reseller profit was 250. System will add 250 profit into reseller balance as user had positive balance.

Negative Example: Say, user has 0 or less than 0 in balance. Reseller still can activate/renew user if Admin set post-paid in settings. Now if reseller activate/renew user, user balance will be -1000 as 5MB package price was 1000. Now lets say reseller profit was 250, so system will not cut 1000 from reseller balance but system will return his profit 250 in balance. So here 1000 – 750 = 250 reseller profit in balance. In user balance its -1000. user needs to pay 1000 to reseller in cash.

Note:┬áKeep in mind when reseller activate/renew a user every time system will cut balance from reseller account. So if reseller activate/renew users without payment he will lost his balance. Reseller can’t activate/renew any user if his balance is lower than package price. Reseller needs to refill his balance from Admin by cash payment. So reseller have to come to Admin again and again to refill balance by cash payment.

Reseller Profit Flow Example

RolePackage PriceAdmin ProfitFranchise ProfitDealer ProfitSub-Dealer ProfitTotal/User Payment

Reseller Payment Flow Example

RoleBalance Franchise PaymentDealer PaymentSub-Dealer PaymentUser PaymentNet Balance
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