Add New Resellers


Add New Resellers

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Admin can’t create dealer or sub-dealer same as franchise can’t create sub-dealer. Only one step upper reseller can create sub-reseller.

How To Create Franchise In Zal Pro ISP CRM

Reseller -> Add New Resellers

1NameInsert reseller name here.
2UsernameInsert reseller username and make sure its unique, try to avoid special characters in username.
3PasswordInsert reseller password here.
4National IDInsert national ID here.
5EmailInsert email address.
6MobileInsert reseller mobile number with country code, reseller will get various sms alert on this mobile number.
7AddressInsert reseller address.
8CitySelect city from dropdown, add new one first in area module if no one found here.
9AreaSelect area from dropdown, add new one first in area module if no one found here.
10Default NASSelect nas from the dropdown, and add nas first in the network module, if none is found here. Default nas is mandatory and you must set accurate nas which belongs to the reseller, nas is very important for live graphs, api calls, etc. Resellers’ users will get this nas ip in their profile when the reseller will add a new user. Resellers can’t see any other nas if you set reseller permission in the settings page. We will recomended not to allow resellers to view all of your nas list, its because of security concern.

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