Prepaid Cards


Prepaid Cards

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Prepaid Card is just like Mobile/Phone recharge card. You need to generate prepaid card on Zal Pro & print card’s tokens as scratch card. Then you can sale those cards to your users/reselles by cash. Users will purchase & scratch those cards to get secret token number/text. Now they can login into their Zal Pro client panel to activate/recharge their account/service. First you need to create prepaid card with combination text/number/prefix letter etc. You can set reseller, package etc as well. You can set prepaid card as recharge only or recharge & activate service too. You can set expiry date for prepaid card. If card expire users can’t use them anymore. When a user activate or recharge prepaid card token, you can view all info in dashbaord. Also, you can view all reports as well like payment reports by prepaid card and ledger of service extend.

Prepaid card will be very helpful for Hotspot users. You can provide prepaid card to your hotspot users and they can activate themself easily with pre-define package settings like data volume, session volume, speed up/down etc. All of this options you can set in a package and bind that package with prepaid card. Every features of a package will be available and functional in prepaid card.

1Prepaid Card NameGive a name for your prepaid card like “Express Recharge”.
2Expire DateSet the expiration date prepaid card, if card expired you can’t generate new token on it and also users can’t use those expired tokens.
3AmountSet prepaid card price or amount, users or reseller must pay you this amount. If you don’t receive any payment from users or resellers then they can use your service for free if they got your card. So make sure you sold tokens and you must keep tokens secret. You should print these prepaid card tokens as scratch card.
4Character LimitYou can set prepaid card token secret character limit like 16/12 charcters.
5Token PrefixYou can set your own brand name as prefix if you want like ZAL. Don’t set prefix character too long.
6Token CombinationYou can set token as only number or only letter or alpha numeric.
7Card TypeYou need to set prepaid card type, either rechare or recharge & activate both at once. If you set recharge, user profile will be recharge with same amount as you set in prepaid card, on the other hand if you set recharge and activation then system first recharge amount and then try to activate/renew if user balance is greather than user package price. Note: If user balance less than package actual price then system will not activate/renew user profile.
8PackagesYou can bind package with prepaid card, if you bind any package with prepaid card then users only can use prepaid token if their package is same as prepaid card’s bind package.
9ResellerSame as package, you can set reseller on prepaid card, if reseller is not same as user’s salesperson, users can’t use prepaid card token.
10NoteAdd some note if you wish.
11StatusSet status to publish or enable so that this prepaid card token can be used.

Prepaid Cards -> Add Prepaid Card

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