Razorpay Settings


Razorpay Settings

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Zal Pro supports multiple payment gateways to received payment from your clients/users. Your users can pay through their panel, users must login into their panel and add balance at there. Users can pay two ways, directly add balance at their account or pay invoice due bill. To use payment gateways in Zal Pro you need to collect proper information from payment gateway provider and set inside Zal Pro settings payment section. Choose your suitable payment gateway from our multiple payment gateways list.

Settings -> Razorpay Settings

1Default CurrencySet Default Currency as your country.
2StatusOpen this option when you add your payment gateways to the system.
3Razorpay ModeConfiguration details include the mode, which is sandbox for testing or live for production.
4Razorpay API KeyInsert your Razorpay API Key.
5Razorpay API SecretInsert your Razorpay API Secret.
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