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Get Started

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Superadmin/Admin/Staff/Reseller Login Portal

If you haven’t set up Zal Pro yet, our team is here to help. We offer a free setup service for Zal Pro on your VPS server, with an installation time of approximately 2 hours. Before reaching out to us, please ensure that your server is operational and that SSH is functioning correctly. Once the installation is complete, access the Zal Pro login panel through your server IP or domain (if you’ve configured a domain instead of an IP).

For logging into the Zal Pro admin or superadmin panel, use the login details provided below.

Separate Login Pages: If desired, you can set up separate login pages for different user types, such as having a dedicated superadmin login page where admins or staff cannot log in. This feature can be configured in the Settings > Security module of Zal Pro.


Client Portal

To login into client portal as a client you need to visit your server-ip/login/client. Before that create a user in admin panel to get username and password of client. Here is the view of client portal login page.

After Successful Login Into Panel

After successful login into admin panel you will see something like this below screenshot.
Where you can manage everything for your business from adding NAS to adding user/staff.

You Need To Complete Five Easy Steps To Get Started

  1. Setup Basic Settings: Access the settings page to enter your company’s name, slogan, logo, and other details.
  2. Add a NAS/Router: To begin, add a new NAS/Router/Mikrotik to the system. Note that adding a NAS is essential for creating new users.
  3. Add Bandwidth Policy: Define the upload/download limits for users, such as 2M upload & 5M download. This module also allows you to add various radius attributes. Refer to the bandwidth policy documentation for more details.
  4. Create New Packages: Add new packages based on bandwidth policies. Include details like base price, admin profit, expiration duration, IP pool names, data quota, FUP quota, session time, and bandwidth allocation time.
  5. Add New Area: Areas are necessary for adding new admins, staff, resellers, users, and are used in various graphs and user location maps.
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