Our Clients Of ABC Syslog Server

ABC Syslog Server

An Awesome Syslog/Tracking Log Server With Tons Of Features For Universal Use For  Everyone For Any Types Of Logs. Manage Your Log Server/Tracking Log Server Easily Without Any Hassle.

Specially Designed For ISP/WISP To Be Used All Over The Globe. Simple UI Design & Easy To Use. Most Important Part, It's Very Affordable With Multiple Log View Styles, SMS/Email Notification & User-Role Management Module.

Filter Any Data In Superfast Speed

Filter Any Data From Huge Data List In Seconds, As We Tested In Lab It Can Filter 10GB Data In 3 Seconds On A Machine With 1 GB RAM & 2 Core CPU. You Can Search By Any Text, Mac Address, IP Address, Incoming IP/Port, Outgoing IP/Port. 

Browse Logs In 3 Different Styles

We Can Provide You Log Viewing Styles As You Need. You Can Browse Raw Logs With All Default Details, Or You Can View Separated Optimized Data For More Clear View Or Customized Data View.

Store Huge Data In Right Order

Many Log Servers Store Huge Data On SSD/HDD Without Right Order Or Format. As A Result, It's Hard To Filter Data & Hard To Take A Backup Of Those Logs. We Are Not Doing That Here. Our Log Server Data Is Optimized And Saved In Right Order.

Compress, Backup, Move, Sort Huge Data in Minutes

You Can Easily Compress Your Log Data In Chuck Sizes. You Can Backup To a Local PC Or To Cloud Easily. Backup Or Move Only Those Chunk Sizes Which You Need. No Need To Backup Full Data Every Time When You Need Only A Small Chunk Of It.

Store All Data In 2nd HDD Or Cloud

You Can Store All Of Your Data In the Right Order On A 2nd HDD Which Is Separated From the Primary OS Drive. You Can Replace That HDD Whenever You Need. You Can Also Add Multiple HDD If Needed.

ABC Syslog Server Featrues


Superfast Speed

Store Or Browse Logs In Superfast Speed.


Multiple Log Viewing Styles

Switch Log Viewing Modes From Settings.


All Latest Technologies

We Used All the Latest Technologies With Up To Date Updates.


Modern Simple Design

Easy & Simple UI/UX Design. No Need Special Computer Skills To Use The System.


Easy Backup System

Backup Whenever You Want, Wherever You Want & Support Local PC To Cloud Servers.


Store Logs In File System

No Tension Of Database With 2 TB Data. We Used File System. No Tension Of Database Crash.


Zero Data Loss Risk

No Possibilities Of Data Loss, Backup Data To Local Disk Or Cloud Server Auto Everyday.


Multiple Drive Attachable

Add Multiple HDD For System Or Log Backup If Required. You Can Easily Transfer Data Between Drives.


Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive. Forget About Mobile Application. Manage Everything From Your Mobile. Get A Real Web Application Experience On Your Mobile.


Host IP & Date Wise Log Storing

Store Logs According To Host IP & Date Time Wise. We Can Give You the Right Format As You Need.


Powerful User-Role Management

Create Unlimted Users & Roles For Panel.


Powerful Role Wise Permission

Create Roles & Set Permission To Them So That You Can Control User Activities & Actions.


Powerful Filter/Search Option

View List Of Folders & Files Inside Of Them, Before You Search Anything With Filtering MAC Address, IP Address & More...


Just Plug & Play

No Hassle, No Complex Setup, No Config Required. Just Add Your Router To Server & Use It, Yes It's That's Simple.


Easy Export To (CSV, Excel, PDF)

Export Data To Various File Format As You Need. Click & it Will Do The Rest For You. You Can Export As Little As 10 To 1000 Lines In Each Export.


Powerful Server Side Datatable

We Are Using Powerful Server Side Datatables


Multiple Notification

Get Multiple Notification Over SMS & Email When Your Server Stops Sending Logs To Log Server.


Customer Management

Add Customers Data, So That You Can Identify Logs From Customers.


NAS/Router Management

Add NAS/Routers In System. Manage Them With API.


Important Dashboard Widgets

Keep Eye On Your Log Server At A Glance From Dashboard. Check Networking Status, SSD/HDD Space Status etc By Using Beautiful Widgets.


Custom Incoming Port

Set Incoming Port As You Need.


Support TPC/UDP

Support Any Types Of Log Data & Protocol.


Allow/Disallow Log Source

Allow Or Ban Log Source IPs.


Advanced Security

Secure Log Server Without Any Vulnerabilities. We Are Using Industries Top Tools & Frameworks.

Why Choose Us?

Free Installation & Setup

No Worries About Installation, We Will Install ABC Syslog App Into Your Server. Just Plug & Play, Add Data & Connect Routers, You Are Ready To Go.

Regular Software Updates

We Release Updates Monthly. We Integrate New Features As Our Clients Request. Keep Pace With Technology & Improve Users Usability.

Easy, Clean & Simple UI/UX

Very Easy To Use. Clean Design & Simple UI/UX. No Need Special Knowledge To Use ABC Syslog.

Affordable Price

We Are Affordable Than Any Other Company In Syslog Server Business. We Do Not Over Charge & Our Billing Policy Is Simple. No Hidden Charge & Same Price For All.

Fast Real Human Support

You Will Love Our Support. Open A Ticket For General Support & Knock Us Anytime Over Social Media For Urgent Support. Our Support Team Will Be Glad To Assist You.

Secure & Limitless Possibilities

Secure User Connection & Strong Protection Against Various Threads Like DDOS, SQL Injection, Network Hacking Etc. Limitless Possibilities With Custom Attributes & Online Community.

Behind The Story

Many of you already know that we have another web application for ISP (Zal Pro). Zal Pro is already used by 300+ ISPs around the world.

There are many Log Server already exist in the market but most of them are too expensive & bind with too many rules and regulations like user limitation, data size limitation, TCP/UDP request limitation, does not allow on-premise hosting, etc. Also, many of those application's system design is not suitable for ISP  at all. Many of those application's UI/UX is not good. Some are limited to only Windows OS. Many of them are unable to handle huge data like 10 GB per hour or day.  

That's why many of our existing clients were asking us for a log server that is designed from scratch with the latest tech & with a separate dashboard including mobile responsibility. 

So, we did it after many months of research and lab testing. Finally, we came up with a ready to deploy log server which is super fast and easy to use with features that are required on a log server.

We will continue this project for the long term with support & updates (LTS). Our goal is to provide the most affordable and awesome Log Server for anyone.